2022 Superior Taste Award with three golden stars for Kefalonia Fisheries Sea Bass and Sea Bream from International Taste Institute

Taste Award, International Taste InstituteKefalonia Fisheries is proud to announce that received the "Superior Taste Award" with three golden stars for the third time in a row. Having received the same award in 2019, our Sea Bass succeeded once again in making an exceptionally positive impression on the judges' expert palates.

Our Sea Bream that was sent for the first time for evaluation also succeeded to be distinguished for its main culinary attributes receiving the Superior Taste Award with three golden stars.

This prestigious distinction for the third time in a row for our Sea Bass and the first time for our Sea Bream confirms our ultimate commitment to offering premium taste & quality seafood to the international markets, produced under certified sustainable farming methods.

The new Award- which indicates an “exceptional taste” of a gustatory score of >90%- will accompany Kefalonia Fisheries products for the next three years.