Research projects

Aquaculture is a continuously evolving industry and amelioration of the production practices and improvement of the end product quality are subjects of ongoing research projects. Kefalonia Fisheries, constantly aiming at becoming a better producer as well as assisting the Industry’s advancement, participates in research projects putting into use the scientific expertise of its employees and proposing innovative ideas for the future of Aquaculture.

Currently in progress

  • IMTA: Complete multitrophic aquaculture for the production of high added value of sulfate polysaccharides from brown algae for the pharmaceutical industry and cosmetics. Operational Program for Maritime and Fisheries, EPALTH, ESPA 2014 – 2020

  • MANFISH: Improving competitiveness of the Greek fish farming through development of intelligent systems for disease diagnosis and treatment proposal and relevant risk management supporting actions. Operational Program for Maritime and Fisheries, EPALTH, ESPA 2014 – 2020

  • FutureEUAqua: Future growth in sustainable, resilient and climate friendly organic and conventional European aquaculture (H2020-BG-2018-1)

  • ROBUST: Innovative tools for prevention of Vibrio harveyi induced vibriosis  (PA 2014-2020)

  • MedSUSHI: Exploitation of the edible algae Dictyopteris membranacea and Laurencia obtusa in the Mediterranean cuisine as a functional food and nutritional supplement (Operational Programme Competitiveness, Entrepreneurship and Innovation)

  • BIOALGAFOOD: Production of high-added value bioactive polysaccharides from macroalgae of the Greek seas and their valorization in the development of novel functional food (Operational Programme Competitiveness, Entrepreneurship and Innovation)

  • ValueSEABASS: Slightly processed value-added sea bass products (PA 2014-2020)

  • APOXI (PA 2014-2020)



  • i-fish: Application of Smart Systems for enhanced fish management and welfare in cage aquaculture (Operational Programme for Fisheries and Maritime Affairs)

  • MERMAID: «Innovative Multi-purpose Οff-shore Platforms: planning, design and operation» (FP7 OCEAN.2011-1 Multi-use offshore platforms)

  • BIOEXPLORE: Biotechnology for the utilization of micro-algae (National Strategic Reference Framework, Action II, Meter 2.3)

  • Autonomous nano-fibre visual sensors for quality control in Aquacultures (National Strategic Reference Framework, Action I, Meter 2.4)

  • Quality control and identification of pesticide residues in food products (2006, Peripheral Operational Program of the Ionian Islands).

  • Use of innovative diets for the improvement of taste and aroma of Sea bass (2006, Peripheral Operational Program of the Ionian Islands).

  • Investment project for the projection and promotion of the products and the modernization of the administrative and production activities. (Ministry of Development, 1998-2000).

  • Interaction between aquaculture units and marine environment (Operational Programme for Research and Technology II, 1995-1998).

  • Hygiene management and disease prevention in marine fish larviculture, by the adjustment and control of the microbiological environment.

  • Characterization of the microbiological environment in hatcheries for Mediterranean marine fish: influence of larval health and development of prophylaxis (EU Support Programme for the Fisheries’ Sector, 1991-1994).

  • Management of units of intensive fish farming (Industrial Research and Technology Development Programme, 1990).