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Kefalonia Fisheries’ Sea Bass is the experience of firm but delicate fish flakes melting deliciously on your palate, leaving a velvety and smooth taste. It is the experience of tasting the unique flavours of Kefalonia wherever you are. Rightfully awarded as Exceptional product from the expert panel of chefs at the International Taste Institute 2019, the “Michelin guide for food”.

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Moreover, the nutritional profile of the Kefalonia Sea bass and Sea Bream qualifies them as superfoods of the modern era. A source of a powerful mix of high quality protein, very important vitamins and minerals and essentially crucial omega 3 fatty acids, our fish can greatly benefit the consumers’ overall health and development.

Consumption of cultured Sea Bass and Sea Bream twice a week, as a rich source of Highly Unsaturated omega 3 fatty acids (EPA, DHA) and as part of a healthy life style has been proven to assist in the maintenance of normal cardiac function, maintenance of normal blood pressure and maintenance of normal (fasting) blood triglycerides and blood LDL cholesterol concentrations.

Source: EFSA Journal 2010;8(10):1796


Nutritional value per 100 gr. of fish fillet (mean annual values)

  Sea Bream Sea Bass
Protein       20.4      21.2
Lipids        5.7       4.4
    of which saturated acids        1.3       1.1
    of which polyunsaturated acids        1.9       1.5
           ω-3 fatty acids        1.2       1.0
                 EPA & DHA        0.8       0.7
           ω-6 fatty acids        0.7       0.5
Carbohydrates        0.2       0.2
Kcal / 100 gr. fillet       133      125