Quality & Environmental Policy

Kefalonia Fisheries S.A. is a producer of premium quality sea bass and sea bream, active in juvenile production, fish farming, packaging and trading of fish products, according to customers’ requirements, the specifications set by the acquired certifications, the National and EU legislation, the safety of our employees and the principles of sustainable management of the environment where our activity takes place. We particularly emphasize that the protection of the natural environment, primarily in the area where our activity takes place and secondarily in the wider area, is one of the main objectives affecting our strategic decisions.

Our commitment is to:

  • Offer our clients the highest quality of products and services
  • Abide by the legal and regulatory requirements regarding the safety and hygiene of the produced products
  • Minimize the non-conformities to the point of elimination, as well as to work on the continuous minimization of complaints deriving from clients, collaborators and employees, also to the point of elimination
  • Create working conditions which ensure the safety and hygiene of our employees
  • Abide by the legal and regulatory environmental requirements in place, which concern our activity, as well as other relevant requirements we have accepted by signature
  • Define, develop and carry the necessary material and technical means and structures, the necessary procedures in combination with the required training, in order to ensure the prevention of any environmental pollution and the ongoing effort for the protection of the environment, to the extent it is financially and technically feasible

Our environmental goals are set by taking into consideration the severity of the environmental impact of our activity, as this is defined in the relevant procedure of our system, putting emphasis on quality and the protection of the aquatic environment in the area of our activity.

Our policy is implemented through the procedures used, conduct of inspections, the professional training of our staff and the strong sense of responsibility that characterizes us.

All members of the staff of our company contribute to the realization of our quality and environmental policy goals, through their continuous efforts.

Our principal goal, which is also our commitment, is to continuously improve our management system, aiming at optimal implementation and amelioration of our quality specifications (standards) and our services, in all aspects of our activity, as well as our environmental performance, primarily in activities with the most important environmental impacts. In this context, the comments and requirements of our clients-in regard to quality- and questions about the environment by various interested parties, are taken into consideration, while we check the Management System continuously, so that this fulfills the requirements of the national standards ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015. 

The Quality and Environmental policy is analyzed and discussed with the employees of the company, who are responsible for its implementation. The policy is displayed at visible points within the company’s facilities as well as on the company’s website, in order to be available to both our employees and the general public.