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Kefalonia Fisheries - Management Department

Lara Barazi-Geroulanou

Job description

Chief Executive Officer
Lara Barazi

Lara is the second generation of the Geroulanos family to lead the company. She serves on the boards of many industry associations both in Greece and in the EU and is a frequent speaker on issues of sustainable aquaculture development.

Kefalonia Fisheries is for me a true labor of love. It is the responsibility I feel for my community and family, the support of my friends and teammates and the dedication to a shared set of values and tradition: Doing the right thing, every day, in the best possible way.

Vangelis Volteras

Job description

General Manager
Vangelis Volteras proflie

An Information Technology and Business Administration graduate, Vangelis joined Kefalonia Fisheries in 1992. After completing 21 years as Kefalonia Fisheries’ Finance Director, he acquired the position of General Manager in 2013.

The strongest motivation is vision. The most endurable power comes from passion. A Marathon runner for years, my work at Kefalonia Fisheries is equally challenging and rewarding to me as a long distance race, and I embrace it with the same excitement and determination every day. Runners never stop running. Neither do General Managers.

Thanasis Frentzos

Job description

Executive member of the Board of Directors
Thanasis Frentzos

Thanasis is an Ichthyologist (M.Sc. Ichthyology Victoria University of New Zealand, B.Sc. Biology University of Athens, Greece). In 1982 he became the first production manager for sea bass and sea bream farming in Greece, when he joined forces with Kefalonia Fisheries’ founder-Marinos Geroulanos. He served as Managing Director until 2013, when he retired and acquired the position of executive member of the Board of Directors.

He speaks Greek and English.

Excellence is not a final destination. It is a quest you embark on. Even when you are the best, you work hard to become even better. That is the quest I have been on at Kefalonia Fisheries for the past 37 years.