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Quality Leadership

* Quality control
* Constistency
* Reliability
* Traceability
* Stable prices

Kefalonia Fisheries has developed a quality benchmark for Sea bass and Sea bream, guaranteeing a product raised in a virgin natural environment, with minimal processing and strict control of quality and food hygiene. From our island to your door, the Kefalonia Fisheries brand serves as your guarantee for quality, freshness and purity.

Kefalonia Fisheries is the only committed quality producer in the industry and was one of the first farms to obtain ISO 9001 and HACCP Certification in 2000. Quality and consistency is strictly controlled at each stage of production, with full traceability from the eggs to each final fish sold.

At Kefalonia, we regularly carry out checks on raw materials and final products originating from our suppliers. We have a zero tolerance policy for any traces of pesticides, genetically modified products, animal by-products, antibiotics or hormones. All our analyses are subject to periodic counter-checks by an external laboratory.

Our comprehensive quality control systems and care in harvesting and packaging ensure a product with exceptional freshness and shelf life.