Kefalonia Fisheries

Kefalonia Fisheries

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Phase 1 _ Hatchery
The production life cycle starts in the hatchery. The traceability process starts at this stage, with full records for each broodstock group. Every final fish sold can be traced back all the way to its spawning date and parent group.
The Fish spawn naturally inside the tanks. Once spawning has occurred, the fertilized eggs will float where they are collected by surface over flow.

Phase 2 _ Fry
Hatching takes place three days after spawning. The larvae are fed with phytoplankton and zooplankton as in the wild. The live food chain of nature is simulated in house. It is produced in strictly controlled conditions to maximize its nutritional quality and purity. We ensure that the highest standards of hygiene are maintained throughout the culture of live food.
Automatic mechanisms, installed in every part of the production process, control the water flow, temperature, filtration and feeding process. All information pertaining to diet, mortality, appearance, as well as all environmental conditions are recorded on a daily basis for each group in each basin.

Phase 3 _Ongrowing
The ongrowing cages are located in the Bay of Argostoli, a sheltered bay with enough current from the open sea to ensure the purity of the cages' environment. During the next 14 to 24 months, the fish are fed with dry food, the quantity and composition of which depends on the weight and age of the fish as well as water temperatures. Feed formulas are developed in cooperation with our suppliers and are constantly improved upon through testing by the company and independent laboratories to most closely match the fishes' diet in the wild. All company feed formulas are made up of fishmeal and fish oil and do not contain any genetically modified products.
All feeding and environmental conditions are recorded daily. Our divers check the state of the nets and the fish population once a week. The fish are cared for with a minimum of handling, allowing them to grow undisturbed in an environment closely matching that in the wild.

Phase 4 _ Harvesting
The fish are gathered at the side of the cage and are harvested with a net. They are harvested and brought to the packaging facility on a just-in-time basis.
To ensure the best quality and freshness of the fish the temperature is checked throughout the harvesting procedure and extra ice is continuously added to keep the temperature between 0-2 degrees centigrade.

Phase 5 _ Packaging
Upon arrival at the packaging station, the fish are packaged in polystyrene boxes according to the requirements of each customer. The boxes are then palleted and placed in cold storage at a temperature between 0 and 2 degrees Celsius.
The temperature of the fish is sampled and recorded every ½ hour during the entire packaging process. Strict control of the cold chain, from the moment the fish is harvested to its arrival at the final destination, ensures that it remains at a constant temperature between 0-2 degrees Celsius. The entire process from harvesting to packaged product takes on average 1.5 hours guaranteeing the freshest possible product upon delivery.

Phase 6 _Transport
Once packaged and loaded for transport our products will remain in temperatures between 0 and 2 degees Celsius until arrival at the final destination.